September 2017

Organizing, planning and thinking ahead!
"Don't be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams."  
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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AreyoujustAre you just busy, or truly productive?
Minimalism is a way of life that helps practitioners shed distractions. Ryder Carroll, founder of Bullet Journal, sat down with Minimalist author and speaker, Joshua Fields Millburn, to ask him about what Minimalism means to him and how it can help with living a more meaningful life.

Minimalism and the "Bullet Journal."
Changing seasons can be the perfect time to change habits and create new ones. This fall, focus your attention on organizing & simplifying. The "Bullet Journal was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY... He sees [this type of journaling] as an evolving, adaptable practice meant to be self curated as you determine what works best for you." With this type of journaling, you allow yourself to de-clutter and shed distractions, in turn leading to a more impactful life.   He has a practical angle on being truly productive. 

All you need is a notebook and a pen! Start by clicking below: 
Think Cursively on Paper, with Gail Minogue
Ever wonder why cursive writing seems to have fallen out of favor? Over 50% of US public schools have brought it back as an essential element of their curricula.

The physicality of shaping letters cements concepts in the mind. It takes more effort of the brain and leaves a much deeper imprint on the mind than typing. This is important when learning new things and when trying to sort out your plans and goals...member

Member Spotlights
Dr. Marcia Cantarella
Dr. Marcia Cantarella brings laser focus to everything she undertakes.  With expertise and a track record in college success, access and diversity, she assists academic institutions, businesses and students.  A Bryn Mawr College  graduate, and NYU Ph.D. and MA, she is an author, blogger, consultant and speaker who specializes in strategy, program creation and communications in higher education as they affectcareer outcomes, the workplace, and individual success.  She helps organizations understand how they can support and leverage talent for exceptional impact.  
Teri McCaslin
With more than 30 years of global human resources experience,            Teri McCaslin is best known for attracting and developing skillful talent and building a culture of engagement, responsiveness, results, and innovation.  A Marymount College alumna with an MBA from Long Island University she has a successful career in creating strategic alignment between human resources and business objectives.  Teri offers a unique blend of executive expertise and pragmatic solutions. She is wise, prudent, and resourceful, with a refreshing outlook on managing human resources in a global, complex and changing environment.
Ellen Federico
Recognized as a respected,  accomplished and premier event planner and producer, Ellen Federico has earned her reputation. Bringing distinctive concepts and designs together with unmatched execution is the hallmark of Ellen's work, which she has done around the globe. She helps clients achieve a diversity of objectives through her specialized knowledge of executive planning, event design, venues, hotel properties, supplier relationships, marketing, sales, and financial management. Managing summits, conferences, incentive programs and landmark events for venues serving 25 to +10,000, Ellen has a passion for honesty, creativity, beauty and inspiration.  She springs new energy into every event, capturing the human element alongside effective business branding. It is no surprise she calls the New School her alma mater.

Dr. Artika Tyner
Congratulations to ExpertTerre®
Member,  Dr. Artika Tyner, Esq, EdD, MPP, for receiving Diversity MBA's Diversity Award at their 11th Annual Business Leaders Conference & Awards Gala, September 12, 2017. Dr. Tyner is a sought after public speaker and author focusing on diversity, inclusion and social justice. Events

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