Open for Business – Courageous Leadership


America is open for business, which is a call for courageous leadership. There has never been a more important time for leadership and civic involvement, especially on the part of women.

Particularly moving was the recent courage demonstrated by Acting United States Attorney, Sally Q. Yates. Courage is one of the most critical leadership qualities and one that I have been fortunate to observe in my years as an executive, civic leader, former First Lady of New York State, wife and mother. The measure of a person is not seen when things are going well; they are tested when challenges create rocky and murky waters.

These are the most difficult and yet most important times to stand up and be counted. Ms. Yates stood strong in her values and beliefs, despite the personal toll. She said in a statement that she wasn’t convinced that President Trump’s recent Executive Order on immigration was lawful. She courageously stood by her conviction to the Constitution and the rule of law.

As a nation, from Washington to our local governments, we must carefully balance economic, partisan, and individual goals, with what is right for our nation, its citizens, and consistent with time tested values, principles and constitutional rights. It is important to be thoughtful about why each public servant serves. Protection of constitutional rights must be at the forefront to maintain the system and process that we all hold dear.

Business has an opportunity and a duty to take the lead in courageously setting the tone that will ignite a growing economy that is inclusive, innovative, and prosperous for everyone. Let us work together in a positive and constructive way to uphold the kind of courage that will ensure our country fulfills its historical mission. We all must set the example we want our children to shadow, and live by the values we want them to pass down to their children.

Standing up for our convictions is critical at this point in history. Ms. Yate sets an example, and demonstrates a kind of heroism that creates a moment of self-examination and personal reflection. To continue to build our country, we must get back to basics. Courage under fire is at the foundation.

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