October 2017

Preparing for the Seasons
"Being different isn't a bad thing. It means you're brave enough to be yourself." - Unknown
Take a look below at what you'll find in this month's newsletter: 

Create Lasting Change
Consider your overall health, evaluate your thoughts, nurture your spirituality & ask for help. 
There are times when change is beyond your control-the divorce that you didn't see coming, the 
health crisis that started with a routine trip to the doctor, the layoffs you'd hoped would spare your department. But there are things you can do....
Then there's the kind of change that you actively seek out-a more rewarding career, a fitter body, a greater sense of gratitude-particularly when you feel stuck and want to be happier, healthier or just like a better version of yourself...Read More.
Wellness at Work is In Season for You
We hear a lot about toxic work environments these days. As a business owner, the last thing you need is to discover that your company culture promotes toxicity. Instead, you want to be the kind of person that promotes a healthy work environment.
Whether you have a remote team, or whether you have a headquarters for your team, it's important to look at the culture and take steps to promote an environment that encourages employees to be happy and healthy.  Read more to consider some things you can do to set the example and promote a healthy work environment.
Secret Weapon for your Brain - Chocolate!
According to the team of Italian researchers who published their findings in Frontiers in Nutrition, cocoa consumption is tied to improved memory and visual information processing. It's also linked to lower levels of cognitive impairment after a night without sleep, particularly in women. In older adults facing memory decline, a daily dose of chocolate can effectively improve attention, memory, and processing speed. 

After taking a chocolate break.  Amy Renea helps you get grounded with her book Crafting with Nature.  No better time than now to engage your hands with your mind while taking in the sights and beauty of the season. 
Seasonal Produce Guide - What to Buy in October:
With the changing of seasons comes the changing of grocery lists! 
From hardy greens to all kinds of squash, here's what Martha is relying on in the kitchen this month.
Volatile Economy = Level Head

No time is ever more challenging than the present.  Eight obvious but often neglected steps to keep the balls in the air while remaining healthy.
Member Spotlights
Linda Lanton
Smart and savvy, Linda Lanton is a skilled strategist who offers unique business, legal and financial skills to solve complex business challenges.  A deal-maker and relationship builder, Linda's BA from Cornell, along with her UofC MBA and JD from Boston University are a powerful combination of disciplines. She is an effective change agent with experience as a senior leader for several Fortune 100 companies. Using the diversity of her skills, she is instrumental in managing complex legal matters, navigating corporate reorganizations, and overseeing investment management and integration efforts.  Linda has a track record of implementing strategies and transactions which meet performance management objectives, enhance execution, increase value, and inspire a culture of business excellence.   Setting the tone to thrive in the midst of executing challenging strategic goals and difficult business negotiations, Linda crafts profitable and pragmatic solutions while effectively managing risk.
Eileen Timmins
Dr. Eileen Timmins, PhD has delivered exceptional results in her two decades as a human resources executive.  With a special talent for developing people, she is expert in organizational and leadership development, strategy, executive coaching, compensation, and global expansion. A collaborator, Eileen has built her skills from the ground up with a BA from DePaul University and an MS from Loyola University.  She designs structures and processes to streamline operations, empower people, and exceed desired results. Eileen works at the forefront of technology, with innovators and business differentiators focusing on the consumer products, advertising, e-commerce software and service start-up industries.  Establishing a reputation for building highly motivated teams enable Eileen to provide insights that facilitate organizational growth, operational excellence, and transformation.
Sheila Stamps
Congratulations to ExpertTerre®
Member,  Sheila Stamps, for being a featured speaker at the NACD, National Association of Corporate Directors - Board Leadership Fellowship Courses. Sheila is a finance executive with substantial experience working with both corporations and financial institutions. Currently, Sheila is a director of CIT Group Inc. and CIT Bank NA...Read More.
Coming Events
December 1 to 2, 2017
Executive Leadership Retreat
Ritz Carlton of Westchester
Please Join Us!
December 1: 
12:00pm Lunch Panel 1:30pm Leadership Session 
6:00pm Holiday Dinner 
December 2:
8:30am Power Breakfast 

Program Sponsor: Neiman Marcus
Space Available basis after November 1
Recap - Events This Fall 
A productive dinner, with some fun too, was held on September 20 in CCT's Rye Brook offices.   Westchester and Connecticut Members shared business ideas and made commitments that will carry into 2018. More to come on 2018 events.
Members and Friends convened in Chicago on September 25 as a part of the "Lifeline" series.  Ideas were shared and new connections made.  It was a business spin on storytelling where everyone learned something new.   Check back for coming events in Chicago. 
On October 11, New York and New Jersey Members combined lunch with a roundtable update on careers, business connections and opportunities for collaboration at the Yale Club of NYC.  Stayed tuned for the next meeting in NYC and New Jersey.  Resources
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Last but not least, remember...make life spicy!
One of the most exciting parts of life is the spice that comes with the changing of seasons, both figuratively and literally...It's important to spice things up every now and then, and make sure you are living life to the fullest extent. Start your day jumping in with both feet, don't forget to smile & laugh, and most importantly, find meaning and intention in everything that you do and every choice you make. 
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