Note from Managing Principal Vikki Pryor

Personal values and universal principles are the bedrock of creating meaningful and sustainable economic value. This has been an important journey since we first opened our doors in 2010.

We offer strategic, customized solutions that squarely meet the specific needs of today’s challenging climate. The ExpertTerre® platform offers a unique and practical approach to helping you transform the “status quo” into your vision and landscape for the future. We are proud of our commitment to meeting needs with experience and service. We are committed to a bold new future for business, community and people.

Our focus helps create the atmosphere that encourages connections and collaboration based upon shared goals and values. This is the intersection where challenge and opportunity meet talent and experience. We represent a cross-section of industries and specialties to provide change management through consulting, strategy and planning, coaching, executive development and leadership.

We welcome you as you consider collaborating with us, and look forward to hearing from you, getting to know you better, and answering your questions. Thank you for considering how we can work together to create the change that will help you achieve the transformation you seek

Vikki Pryor
Managing Principal and Founder
Change Create Transform LLC and Foundation

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