Vikki L Pryor

Managing Principal & Founder

Vikki L. Pryor

Vikki Pryor founded Change Create Transform to provide businesses and individuals a fresh approach to thought leadership, problem-solving and idea generation. She oversees innovation, strategy, planning, sales, business development, and partnership generation.

Experience in healthcare, insurance, marketing, operations, technology, accounting, and law, provide Vikki with access to premier Experts on current global topics. She has a track record of helping individuals and mission driven institutions change and achieve results. Using strategic vision and operating leadership, Vikki’s contributions to early stage, high-growth, and restructuring for mid size and large organizations, has laid the foundation for cross-functional and cross-industry expertise. With over twenty years of senior executive experience, Vikki served for eleven years as CEO of a mid-sized life insurance company.

Vikki has a JD, MBA, and is a CPA. She has served on many boards and is involved in business and philanthropic efforts in communities across the country. A sought after Advisor and presenter using consulting, coaching, seminars, panels, workshops, presentations and keynotes, Vikki is committed to the progress that comes from positive change.