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    The ExpertTerre®

    Founded in 2010, Change Create Transform leverages the intellectual capital of an Expert platform to help businesses succeed and grow. We represent decades of talent with a diverse footprint, geographically and experientially.

    The ExpertTerre® is a premier entry point for access to Intellectual capital to solve targeted business needs. Experienced in the C-Suite, running companies, or creating models for best practices and growth, our Experts represent a range of industries with breadth of knowledge, wisdom, capacity and capability. We:

    The ExpertTerre® Value Proposition

    We Provide Change Management
    As thought leaders for innovation, problem solving and idea generation, we utilize the intellectual capital of an Expert Platform of experienced executives and professionals, to help businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals, succeed and grow.

    We Deliver Value
    We work with forward-thinking organizations and individuals who seek executive and professional expertise to complement their talent base. We offer high quality consulting, strategy and planning, leadership, and executive development at competitive pricing.

    We Focus on Important Qualities

    The ExpertTerre® Process

    With an assessment of your business needs, followed by a customized action plan. We utilize dynamic and practical proprietary models, evaluations, plans and templates to help you through a process of discovery, learning and breakthrough

    A recognized industry expert or experts to work with you from the ExpertTerre®

    Get results…
    Meet objectives, overcome challenges, drive performance and create an effective climate for success, progress and transformation

    The ExpertTerre® Models

    Together, we create a plan to deliver innovative, results-driven solutions:

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    ChangeFormation® Assessment

    Our assignments typically start with a ChangeFormation® Assessment. We use a process of discovery to help you get to your goals in a fashion that meets your needs and is consistent with your mission, strategy, and culture.

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