Tamarra Causley Robinson

Tamarra Causley Robinson

A certified Master Coach and Energy Leadership Index Practitioner, Tamarra brings 25 years of corporate executive experience. Using a multifaceted and  interactive approach to organizational change, she guides companies and individuals to sustainable change, improvement and transformation.  Whether the need is effective leadership, improved conflict management, higher performance, Tamarra’s facilitation and expertise helps organizations discover their best solutions.

Executive consultant and facilitator, Tamarra’s skill set is anchored in building client trust, buy-in and commitment to achieve significant and aspirational organizational, personal and professional goals.  She engenders a renewed sense of freedom, a balanced approach to life, and a courageous outlook, resulting in motivated employees, customer commitment and bottom-line performance.

Speed and agility are some of Tamarra’s core competencies, quickening the process necessary for progress.  Connectedness among individuals, or within the complexities of a company as a whole, is a central theme for Tamarra’s work. Her powerful insights and capacity to empower seismic shifts, releases the capability in others to expand creativity and bring their personal genius to light.

With over two decades of experience at a major accounting firm, she has specialized in leading major initiatives for technology, infrastructure, HR,  customer service and diversity. Tamarra is dedicated to practicing what she sermonizes.   Her consulting programs integrate business success, community service, and family.  Tamarra has a track record of volunteerism, working with several non-profit organizations focusing on mentoring services, scholarships, and youth programs.