Linda Saindon

Linda Saindon

For more than 20 years, Linda has initiated industry changing and transformational marketing plans and ideas to drive revenue growth, brand exposure and market expansion. She has led online marketing programs in web design and development, search engine optimization, advertising and online marketing campaigns, social media strategy and online public relations for numerous industries.

As a digital marketing strategist, she crafts turnaround plans that re-introduce brand integrity and increase profitability to help differentiate her clients from the competition. Transform data and customer insights into actionable strategies and initiatives that drive awareness, growth and sales.

A driving force behind approaches to brand development and marketing communications execution, Linda’s techniques helps to rejuvenate client’s perspective. She works with ease where strategy and digital technology converge. Linda encourages clients to level digital business tactic integration to create a bias for revenue growth and market share capture. Her insights consider business strategy and digital acumen as one to create confidence, effective decision-making and a customer-focused business culture.

Linda focuses on linking the latest trends in social media for any size organization and budget, organizational and program strategy planning, client, partner relationship management, project management, public speaking, and business development. She also helps organizations manage their reputations online and offline, and establish leadership in their markets.