Katrina Patterson

Katrina Patterson

As a lawyer and conflict management strategist, Katrina’s training and experience make an ideal contribution for organizations facing complicated human resource, risk management, and compliance issues.

Among her accomplishments, she is best known for designing programs that result in effective and strategic conflict management, peacemaking, and performance, leading to successful business and personal outcomes.  Katrina has developed content and curricula for intensive one-day sessions as well as comprehensive coursework, designed to equip leaders and their teams with practical tools for managing differences and achieving tangible results.  Her suite of leadership workshops and seminars embody her novel and transformative approach to conflict resolution and peacemaking, which she has presented to businesses and organizations within diverse industries and of national renown.

As the steps for skillfully disposing of legal disputes are quite similar to effectively managing conflict, as a former litigator, Katrina maintained a superior record of successfully resolving legal cases, including those involving life insurance, annuities, and securities products on behalf of a major global financial services corporation.

Integrating legal thinking, leadership development, and human behavior, Katrina assists a range of organizations in managing complex and emerging challenges, while meeting business goals and objectives.