Judith Lorick

Judith Lorick

Judith has over 25 years of experience in providing strategic leadership solutions for executives and individuals at all levels.  She brings a combination of business knowledge, experience and strategic sophistication to her work. Through her distinctive methods for preparing people for leadership excellence, she coaches team development, performance management, culture change, and employee relations for a number of industries including financial, energy, pharmaceutical, publishing, environment services and entertainment.

With an ability to reinforce the link between people and strategy, as well as manage, motivate and retain talent, Judith’s expertise is vital as she helps her clients with their employee relations and administrative infrastructure necessary to support long-term success. She has experience creating talent management programs that support her client’s business analysis, strategic thinking, visionary leadership and interpersonal skills that produce high impact results.

Through her coaching for leadership excellence, leadership team building and leadership development programs, Judith facilitates career continuations workshops as part of out-placement programs for companies with excess employees.

Among Judith’s management qualities is her deep dedication to working in a collaborative, transparent and inclusive approach, which allows her to build lasting relationships.