Dr. Patricia Seemann, Ph.D

Dr. Patricia Seemann, Ph.D

Dr. Patricia Seemann’s challenging and intellectual style of executive coaching emphasizes and incites executives to identify and dissect obstacles hindering the ability to establish clear strategy and execution for managing intangibles specific to each organization.

Her uniquely designed approaches enable executives to harness a greater understanding of their individual style and strengths to exert the power of leadership within the organization.

As a marketing and communications expert, Dr. Seemann, is exceptional at restructuring and reorienting corporate departments, improving core processes, and managing major crises.

Developing leadership communications, training and coaching to multinational organizations throughout the U.S. and Europe, Dr. Seemann is known around the globe as an inspiring professional at the top of her field.

Dr. Seeman has a specialized background in understanding how systems and organizations work. She is a certified orthopedic surgeon in biomechanics research.