Debra Nelms

Debra Nelms

Debra Nelms is an accomplished executive with more than 25 years in C-Suite coaching, executive and board development. She has earned the reputation as a trusted advisor to senior executives, businesses and non-profit organizations. Deb’s combination of executive vision, leadership, and solutions, help to build and expand business value, effective execution, and strategic alignment for companies and executive teams worldwide.

With a track record as a thought leader and board director placement expert, Deb is frequently called upon to provide her expertise in board development and executive searches. Her unique approach and talent helps her clients with tactical and strategic initiatives that are high impact and sustainable.  She assists organizations with transitioning strategy into integrated organizational build outs, while incorporating leadership development, diversity and inclusion.

An astute relationship manager, Deb has focused her career as a facilitator and trusted partner in board director development and placement, offering her clients a full array of Board Readiness assessments, tools, solutions and consulting services. Her abilities are collaborative and customized with an emphasis on action.  Deb is sought after by individuals and organizations who are interested in expanding their Board effectiveness, diversity and succession planning.

Deb’s passion is working with businesses, individuals and executives to help them achieve their objectives and operational best.