Abraham K. Munabi, MD

Abraham K. Munabi, MD

Dr. Abraham K. Munabi is a board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Gynecologist and an infertility specialist, focusing on women’s health, particularly in the female reproductive system and pregnancy. A Fogarty and Buswell Fellow,  Dr. Munabi has a track record of proven experience in practice, diagnosis, surgery, research, and surgical center management.

As a leader in the development and management of reproductive surgical centers, Dr. Munabi’s primary goal is to provide patients with the most appropriate and advanced reproduction treatments available, combined with the best possible patient experience.  He is also adept at consulting to the health  care industry, investors and physicians to ensure access and quality care.

A trusted and accomplished physician among peers, Dr. Munabi’s expertise offers patient care that addresses the specific needs of his patients, while providing methodologies with superior clinical and research based results.

As a disciplined and caring physician, Dr. Munabi contributes to the profession through teaching, research, and compassionate care.  He is driven by his qualifications and dedication to every aspect of women’s healthcare, earning him recognition as one of the premier authorities in his field.   Always seeking the challenge to improve healthcare, he takes on assignments which will further his mission to advance patient care.

Dr. Munabi years of experience is helping to pave the way for improved health care delivery and outcomes, as advances in technology, breakthroughs in information gathering, research, and treatments are dynamically developing and evolving.

With discipline, persistence and success as core values, Dr. Munabi has excelled in all parts of his life.  An Olympic athlete with an avid dedication to tennis, track and field, he represented Uganda in several international and national competitions, including the British Commonwealth Games, the Olympic Games in Munich, All Africa Games, and World University Games in Moscow.

A global citizen who is passionate about healthcare, Dr. Munabi continues to pursue his desire to teach and support patients though challenging life experiences around the world.