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  • Are Boomers and Millennials Mirror Images?

    Do boomers and millennials seem to be on different planets? Why are so many employees who are new to the job market having trouble adjusting? Are their new companies and managers adjusting to them? The reality is boomers and millennials mirror each other. I am a child of the ‘60s—a boomer for sure. We were […]

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  • Open for Business – Courageous Leadership


    America is open for business, which is a call for courageous leadership. There has never been a more important time for leadership and civic involvement, especially on the part of women. Particularly moving was the recent courage demonstrated by Acting United States Attorney, Sally Q. Yates. Courage is one of the most critical leadership qualities […]

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  • Why We Must Act Now – Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Together we will continue to progress and pursue the letter and spirit of Dr. King’s call to action to each of us individually, our country, and our world.  Overwhelming and moving are words that come to mind when considering how to properly recognize the birthday of someone who changed the course of history. Dr. King’s writings and quotes […]

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  • To Be Effective, You Must Be Healthy

    It’s that time of year again when we prepare for winter’s cold and flu season. Here are some helpful hints to be proactive and prevent illness for yourself and your family. Start right away if you begin to get sick or have been exposed to colds, flu or other infectious diseases to prevent you from […]

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  • If Change is the Nature of Life… Why Do We Resist?

    If change is the nature of life, both personal and organizational, then why is it our nature to resist change so vigorously? Over the years, my micro-view from having been involved in mergers and acquisitions, new product distribution, design and development, and enterprise redesign, is that there are two opposing forces at work within the […]

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  • People Change – The First Time Around

    Over time, the institutional knowledge and impact of the founders, original leaders, and employees of an organization can be taken for granted.  It can be difficult to envision the organization without their vision and commitment, so planning can be inadequate when it comes to people. Sometimes, it seems easier not to think too far in […]

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  • SLOW is the Acronym for 2016

    Note from Vikki Pryor:  Starting 2016 off on the right foot has been on my mind.  We can never have too many new ideas to do just that.  I am fortunate to have wonderful networks, co-workers, friends, colleagues, and teachers over the years.  With permission,  shared below are the thoughts of  Constance Armstrong, Executive Director, The Boston […]

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  • Are You a Virtual Voter?

    We all have the power to cast our votes. Very important votes happen every day, not at a polling place in November.  Yours is the power of the virtual vote, the use of your personal intellectual capital. Our intellectual capital is the sum of our life experience, regardless of our education or occupation. The decisions […]

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  • Change and Innovation: If You Have an Idea…..

    Have you ever seen a great new successful idea and innovation – that you thought of some time ago?  It has happened to me many times, and is frustrating and disappointing to think about what seems to be a lost opportunity. What gets in the way of acting on great ideas? Not enough time, money, connections […]

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