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Guiding Thoughts

We are a community of individuals and institutions embracing change and achieving exceptional results by unleashing and nurturing human potential through creativity, change and transformation.
We believe in a platform that empowers and creates anew – a world where our deepest dreams emerge to make it an ever-improving and better place to live.
Our world is based upon universal values anchored in compassion and goodwill.

We offer a premiere platform for access to the world’s thought leaders for innovation, problem solving and idea generation.
Using the intellectual capital of an experienced Expert Platform, we help businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals, succeed and grow.

  • Progress is achieved through results and growth
  • Economic value is generated through change, creativity and transformation
  • Individuals, community, and the environment are our most important global resources
  • Expertise, quality and service are standard
  • Universal values guide us
Strategy and Planning
Executive Development

Supplemental Services

  • Executive Transitions
  • Leadership Integration
  • Risk & Reputation Response
  • Enhance Core Competence

Business Development

  • Financial & Risk Management
  • Integration (M&A)
  • Investor & Consumer Relations
  • Sustainability
  • Global Expansion

Marketing & Communications

  • Marketing Strategy & Tactics
  • Strategic Communications
  • Consumer & Marketplace Trends
  • Digital Media & Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Investor & Consumer Relations


  • C-Suite and Board Development
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion


  • Executive Coaching
  • Media Training
  • Personal Branding

Thought Leadership

  • Vision, Strategy & Planning
  • Idea Generation & Problem Solving
  • TransStrategy®
  • FounderCreate®

Learning & Development

  • Conferences, Seminars & Panels
  • Keynotes and Presentations
  • Program Management
  • TalkChange®
The ExpertTerre®
The ExpertTerre® Value Proposition
The ExpertTerre® Process
The ExpertTerre® Models

Founded in 2010, Change Create Transform leverages the intellectual capital of an Expert platform to help businesses succeed and grow. We represent decades of talent with a diverse footprint, geographically and experientially.


We Provide Change Management
As thought leaders for innovation, problem solving and idea generation, we utilize the intellectual capital of an Expert Platform of experienced executives and professionals, to help businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals, succeed and grow.


With an assessment of your business needs, followed by a customized action plan. We utilize dynamic and practical proprietary models, evaluations, plans and templates to help you through a process of discovery, learning and breakthrough
A recognized industry expert or experts to work with you from the ExpertTerre®
Get results…
Meet objectives, overcome challenges, drive performance and create an effective climate for success, progress and transformation

Together, we create a plan to deliver innovative, results-driven solutions:

  • Coaching & Assessments – Tools and techniques for immediate impact
  • ChangeFormation® – Effectively manage your business by setting expectations and measuring success in the near term
  • TransStrategy® – Sustainably grow your business and successfully make a breakthrough transformation for the future
  • FounderCreate® – Strategy and planning for entrepreneurs
  • TalkChange® – Presentations that inform, motivate and inspire

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    ChangeFormation® Assessment

    Our assignments typically start with a ChangeFormation® Assessment. We use a process of discovery to help you get to your goals in a fashion that meets your needs and is consistent with your mission, strategy, and culture.

    Initial Consultation – Professional Courtesy

    Products and Services

    Together, we create a plan to deliver innovative, results-driven solutions:

    Our Markets

    In a virtual and digital world, we welcome Members and Clients from everywhere. We started our organization in New York City in 2010, and have since added New Jersey, Chicago, and Westchester/Connecticut, as Concept Group hubs. Members from around the country, or globe, may join one of these Concept groups, or contact us to discuss launching a local Concept Group.

    Concept Groups

    Our Concept Groups offer consulting, coaching and business services.


    ExpertTerre Membership

    ExpertTerre membership is available in our Concept Groups for professional and personal growth and development.


    A Message from Vikki L. PryorManaging Principal and Founder

    This is the start of an important partnership. The following pages offer a glimpse into why our value proposition will help you differentiate. We look forward to exploring the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for collaboration, progress, and success.
    We offer strategic, customized solutions that squarely meet the specific needs of today’s challenging climate. Your organization will focus more effectively, as we supply the complementary skills and experience to support your goals and objectives.
    The ExpertTerre® platform offers a unique and practical approach to helping you transform the “status quo” into your vision and landscape for the future. We are proud of our commitment to meeting the needs of clients in two ways, knowledge and service.
    Our venture began in 2010 sparked by my belief in the importance of spreading the wealth of executive and professional expertise as a leadership and economic imperative. Personal values and universal principles are the bedrock of creating meaningful and sustainable economic value.
    Thank you for considering how we can work together to create the change that will help you achieve the transformation you seek.

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