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Board Senior Advisors | Chicago, Anna Lloyd & Deb Nelms | New Jersey, Judy Elliott-Pugh & Michelle Renee Paige | New York, Katrina Patterson | Westchester/Connecticut, Carmen Effron & Anthony Epps

Consulting Differentiators

  • Our series of TransStrategy® and ChangeFormation® programs and consulting are an integral part of supplying solutions, support, feedback, and recommendations for leadership and change management.  Enabling you to focus on your core business is our top priority.
  • CCT’s FounderCreate® product is used to work with entrepreneurs and early stage companies
  • CCT’s TalkChange® Experts provide interesting, creative, motivating, inspiring, educational, and relevant presentations.  We are excellent for keynotes, workshops, seminars, and panels.
  • Our program strategy has three pillars, awareness, learning, and results.
  • We are prepared to collaborate and support you in achieving your strategy and goals.
  • Your thoughts, direction, input and ideas are important in taking the next step.
  • We work with you on an on-gong basis to identify and address underlying challenges.  We want to help you achieve results that lay the foundation for the future.

Consulting Culture and Values

Our venture was sparked by a belief in the importance of spreading the wealth of executive and professional expertise as a leadership and economic imperative. We represent a cross-section of industries and specialties to provide change management through consulting, strategy and planning, executive development and leadership.

As a membership organization, we focus on building relationships with individuals who have professional experience, gravitas and are interested in working with others.  We have a great value proposition and know that opportunities and success arise from collaboration, progress, creativity, mutual action, and friendship.

The ExpertTerre® was conceived as a destination to work with people of different skills and backgrounds.  We share important and universal values. The future is bright for those who can embrace change. The result is the full benefit from unique and diverse thinking and action.

The ExpertTerre® represents what excites about business of the future.  We work together in an environment of trust and teamwork. This enables us to find creative ways to enhance our individual and team efforts.  Reaching customers and provide service to a broad spectrum of businesses is built into the fabric of our business model.

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